Spatial Intelligence Solutions

We convert multidimensional data into plain and understandable knowledge.

Big Data

Data Collection

Automated tools to import multidimensional data from any source in one Spatial Sensing Data Repository  repository.

Our platform can combine time series data from smart sensors (IoT, meteo, air quality, traffic, mobility, smart buildings, waste, energy, smart lighting, seismic, geotechnical, etc.), edge computing devices (AI cameras, Radars, Vision Systems), smart city tools (via Open API), Spatial Data ( GIS or Open Repositories including Remote Sensing Satellites), legacy ICT systems (via custom automated tools), etc.

Interactive Analytics

Tackle modern data challenges within your organisation using interactive visual analytics, explore data patterns by instantly interacting with multisource datasets with clicks. Generate reports, setup visually alerts per sensor, per group of sensors or a combination of any source.

We offer python powered easy to use, visual tools for data mining, resampling and real time analytics using open source time series, SQL, no-SQL and spatial databases.

Smart City Dashboards

We offer visual design tools, technical support and consulting for the development and operation of a smart city dashboards addressing the citizens of a town/city, divided into different sectors, for instance mobility, energy, environment, quality of life, city finance, education, public health,  citizens engagement, etc.

Sensor data, Smart City KPIs and static data are combined and presented to your citizens in comprehensible graphics and on a city map.

Urban Digital Twins

Urban Digital 3D models can help city leaders plan for the future, but their value will depend on the quality and availability of data.

We offer tailored made solutions for creating a valuable digital twin for an urban area of your city, including generation of accurate 3D City Models (with scanning, drawing and spatial validation), multisource mining and integration of the related data sources (sensors, GIS, static data) and compehensive interactive visualisation using the latest AR/VR/XR technology and platforms.

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